Made in Italy natural Leather Sandals

Our handmade leather sandals in Italy

With our sandals we want to transfer all the joy and colors of Southern Italy and our beautiful Puglia region.
Among the many variants of handmade leather sandals on the market, not everyone has the distinction of being colored. For our handmade sandals instead, color is everything!
On the international market, today you will find handcrafted sandals made entirely in the color of natural leather or you can find sandals with a sole (see photo) in natural leather and the variant of the sole (see photo) colored.
You must know that, in this last case, the coloring of the upper is carried out in 99% of cases with silk-screen printing.
The result obtained is leather crafted sandals that actually use an industrially colored part (the upper).
In the two cases highlighted above, leather sandals, even with the same quality (for basic materials used) compared to our sandals, can therefore be produced in less time and with lower labor costs and natural materials needed for coloring.
The traditional process of coloring our sandals is instead very complex and sophisticated because it takes place on the leather sandal already assembled and assembled.

The whole phase is carried out manually by one of our dedicated craftsmen and in fact it takes place by dipping the leather sandal in a bath of vegetable color that originates from natural extracts of bark and mimosa, chestnut, myrobalan, which give the shoe a solid color and unique and unrepeatable characteristics.
The next phase is that of finishing, also rigorously done by hand with the help of a small brush and a cloth.
The sandal in leather so painted, is left to dry in the open air for 24 hours.
The result of this long and complex procedure is our exclusive sandal branded made in Italy, the only one that can offer you at the same time:

  • Guarantee of uniqueness
  • Respect the health of your feet

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